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Is Bioidentical Replacement Hormone Therapy right for you?

Have you ever wondered about how your hormones might be affecting your overall health and wellness?

Believe it or not, hormone health plays an integral role in your wellbeing. Many patients are unaware that very common, familiar symptoms are often overlapping symptoms of a hormone deficiency. Women require a balance of testosterone, progesterone and estrogen in order to stay in balance. If any of these hormones are not regulated, you can expect chaos in the body. Throughout our lifetimes, the levels of these hormones change; especially during peri-menopause and post-menopause stages. In fact, even women in their 20’s are found to have hormone imbalances. 

You are probably wondering what these symptoms may be and the answer is not that simple. Symptoms in women include but are not limited to fatigue, hair loss, daytime sleepiness, weight gain, inability to gain muscle, insomnia, dry skin, brittle nails, cold intolerance, inability to lose weight despite diet/exercise, moodiness, breast tenderness, low libido, anxiety, depression, bloating, water retention, heat intolerance, irregular or heavy menstrual periods, and the list goes on. 

Hormone imbalances are common among men as well, over 30% of men are naturally deficient in testosterone. Even if deficiency according to lab work is not the case, symptoms may tell a bigger story. Symptoms for men include fatigue, inability to lose weight, inability to gain muscle, insomnia, daytime sleepiness, heat intolerance, low libido, erectile dysfunction, and increased abdominal fat.

Treatment modalities can differ significantly depending on symptomatology along with lab results, but a customized plan can be established per specific patient need. Oral, topical, and injectable options are available. Regular follow-ups are crucial to success in overcoming your hormone concerns. Similar to most aspects of medicine, each and every patient has different thresholds of what works for them. Hormone therapy usually takes a little bit of patience to see the best results. It might require some changes that are warranted in order to better personalize and customize. Our goal is always to come up with a comprehensive plan that caters to your understanding alongside your needs.

Come see us at one of our locations under our FLSPS Wellness Division. Ashley, our Nurse Practitioner has an extensive background in hormone health and would love to give you a better quality of life!

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