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Botox Pain Management or Both?

Everyone has heard of Botox, but have you heard about Botox for pain relief?

Botox is a medication known as a neuromodulator, or a medication that temporarily causes paralysis to the muscle that it is injected into. Because of this, it is most frequently associated with anti-wrinkle/anti-aging treatment. By injecting small amounts of the medication just beneath the skin layer, the medication expands approximately 1cm in each direction and slowly works to inhibit the movement of the muscle. This sounds a little scary, but in all reality, it is an incredibly safe treatment modality if proper training is completed and facial anatomy is learned in depth. Traditionally, Botox lasts approximately 3-6 months depending on the patient and how often or how long the patient has been receiving Botox treatments. 

At Florida Spine and Pain Specialists (FLSPS), we can use Botox in other ways that assist patients with pain relief. Patients who suffer from chronic migraines or TMJ can benefit tremendously. By injecting Botox into the epidermis layer of the skin, the medication works by relaxing these muscles, which in turn prevents the muscle stimulating the pain from overworking. Similarly to cosmetic treatment, Botox for pain relief also needs to be repeated approximately every 3-6 months. 

After a thorough history and exam is complete, the overall procedure is a simple one that will have you in and out of the treatment room in less than 20 minutes. The skin around the area of treatment is cleansed with alcohol and the patient is positioned in a comfortable but anatomically pleasing position for the practitioner. The medication is injected in small amounts in various locations depending on the purpose of treatment. The needle used to administer the medication is extremely small and is seemingly painless according to most patients. Patients are instructed to try to avoid laying flat for 4-6 hours after the procedure and to avoid applying any makeup or lotion to the area the same day. 

FLSPS has launced our new Wellness Division, this option will also be made available for aesthetic purposes as well (anti-wrinkle). 

Contact us today to get scheduled for a consultation with our nurse practitioner Ashley to see if Botox treatment is right for you, wether for pain management or cosmetic purposes! 

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